Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to send an EcoCard?

The minimum cost to send an EcoCard requires a $1.00 donation to the charity of your choice, plus our 15% processing fee, which helps to cover the credit card processing fees. The total cost to send a card at the minimum donation is $1.15. To set up an account requires a minimum $10.00 commitment.

Once I set up my account, can I send one card at a time?

Yes! Think of as your go-to for sending out your long list of holiday greetings, but also a single thank-you note, birthday card, save the date, etc. Instead of spending $2-4 on a paper card, you can thank someone, donate $1 (or more) to your favorite charity and raise awareness around important causes – it’s a feel good win-win!

How much does the charity receive of my donation?

The charity receives the full donation amount. There is a $1.00 minimum donation per card sent or you can choose to donate more. For example, you send two $5 EcoCards to thank your son’s favorite teachers and the charity receives a $10.00 donation. Another example: Mary sends out 50 holiday cards to her friends and designates $1 per EcoCard, her charity receives $50 and she is charged 15% of total order ($7.50) for the service.

How do I know the charity received my donation?

EcoCards will publish a report at the end of each quarter detailing exactly how much was donated and totals received through for each organization. As we grow, nonprofits will have a dashboard feature, which will continuously update to show their exact donation amounts to-date.

How much should I donate?

Well, that’s completely up to you! However, Americans spend on average $2-4 for one paper greeting card and during the holidays many spend hundreds of dollars on paper greeting cards and postage that often end up in landfills. Imagine if that same amount was donated to your favorite charity instead?

How will I tell my supporters about EcoCards?

To make the most of EcoCards fundraising, non-profit organizations are encouraged to inform their supporters using email, web-site banners, newsletters, links, widgets, social media posts, direct mail, print collateral, and signage. Email to request your Promotional Toolkit.

Sample Promotional Copy:
Support Your Charity’s Name this holiday season by sending digital greeting cards with Simply choose one of the personalized electronic greeting cards (holidays, thank-you, baby announcements, wedding save-the-date, etc.). Each digital card represents a donation amount of your choice to Your Charity with a minimum commitment of $10 to set up an account and $1 donation per card (plus 15% processing fee per card). The bottom of the card will display Your Charity’s logo, website and mission statement.